This colloquium is jointly organised by the research groups from Anthropology, Molecular Genetics, Special Botany, Evolutionary Ecology and Behavoural Ecology & Social Evolution of the Johannes Gutenberg - University Mainz. The seminars are given in English.

Please note that the location may change between dates. Everybody is welcome !

Next dates:

Tuesday, 16. May 2017, 12:15, SR 215 

Prof. Mark Brown
School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, UK

"Pollinator plagues - the evolutionary ecology of disease emergence in bees."

Tuesday, 20. June 2017,  12:15, SR 215

Dr. Thomas Couvreur
Plant Biodiversity and Adaptation Research Group, Institut de Recherce pour le Développement, Montpellier, France

„Phylogenetic insights into the evolutionary dynamics of African rain forests on ancient and recent time scales.”

and on the same day

Tuesday, 20. June 2017,  16:15, SR 215


Dr. Garret Hellenthal
Genetics Institute, Division of Biosciences, University College London, UK

"Tracking the migrations of humans over the past 4,000 years (and beyond) using ancient and modern genomes."


Tuesday, 27. June 2017,  12:15, SR 215

Prof. Dr. Erich Bornberg-Bauer
Institut für Evolution und Biodiversität, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

"Myth or mystery (or both?): the evolutionary emergence and fixation of de novo protein coding genes from "dark" genomic matter."

Monday, 03. July 2017, 12:15, SR 11 (Müllerweg 6)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Jürgens
TU Darmstadt, Chemical Plant Ecology

"Red is the colour: the effect of trap colour and trap-flower distance on prey and pollinator capture in carnivorous sundews."


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