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29.08.2014 New study accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Pamminger T, Foitzik S, Metzler D and Pennings PS. "Oh sister, where art thou? Spatial population structure and the evolution of an altruistic defence trait".
22.07.2014 New study accepted in Proceeding of the Royal Society B by Wong J*, Meunier J*, Lucas C & Kölliker M. "Paternal signature in kin recognition cues of a social insect: Concealed in juveniles, revealed in adults". *equal contribution to the work
16.07.2014 New study accepted in Proceeding of the Royal Society B by Jongepier E, Kleeberg I, Job S & Foitzik S. "Collective defense portfolios of ant hosts shift with social parasite pressure".
04.06.2014 New study accepted in BMC Evolutionary Biology by Koch LK and Meunier J. "Mother and offspring fitness in an insect with maternal care: phenotypic trade-offs between egg number, egg mass and egg care".
16.05.2014 New Study accepted in Animal Behaviour by Binz H,  Foitzik S, Staab F and Menzel F. "The chemistry of competition: Exploitation of heterospecific cues depends on the dominance rank in the community".
05.05.2014 New Study accepted in Ethology by Weiss C, Kramer J, Holländer K and Meunier J. "Influences of relatedness, food deprivation and sex on adult behaviors in the group-living insect Forficula auricularia".
26.03.2014 New Study accepted in Behavioral Ecology by Kleeberg I, Pamminger T, Jongepier E, Papenhagen M and Foitzik S. "Forewarned is forearmed: Aggression and information use determine fitness costs of slave raids"
18.03.2014 New Study accepted in Current Zoology by Kühbandner S, Modlmeier A., Foitzik S. "Age and ovarian development are related to worker personality and task allocation in the ant Leptothorax acervorum".
12.02.2014  New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology by Boos S, Meunier J, Pichon S and Kölliker M. "Maternal care provides anti-fungal protection to eggs in the European earwig".
12.02.2014  New study accepted in Ecological Entomology by Menzel F, Kriesell H and Witter V. "Parabiotic ants: the costs and benefits of symbiosis".

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