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31.05.2017 New study accepted in Oecologia by Houadria M, Menzel F: "What determines the importance of a species for ecosystem processes? Insights from tropical ant assemblages."
23.05.2017 New study accepted in Functional Ecology by Kramer J, Körner M, Diehl J, Scheiner C, Yüksel-Dadak A, Christl T, Kohlmeier P, Meunier J: "When earwig mothers do not care to share: parent-offspring competition and the evolution of family life."
15.05.2017 New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology by Segev U, Burkert L, Feldmeyer B, Foitzik S: "Pace-of-life in a social insect: behavioral syndromes in ants shift along a climatic gradient."
03.05.2017 New study accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society B by Bott RA, Baumgartner W, Bräunig P, Menzel F, Joel A-C: "Adhesion enhancement of structural capture threads by epicuticular waxes of the insect prey sheds new light on spider web evolution."
03.05.2017 New study accepted in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Menzel F, Schmitt T, Blaimer B: "The evolution of a complex trait: cuticular hydrocarbons in ants evolve independent from phylogenetic constraints."

New study accepted in New Phytologist by Junker RR, Kuppler J, Amo L, Blande JD, Borges RM, van Dam NM, Dicke M, Dötterl S, Ehlers B, Etl F, Gershenzon J, Glinwood R, Gols R, Groot AT, Heil M, Hoffmeister M, Holopainen JK, Jarau S, John L, Kessler A, Knudsen JT, Kost C, Larue-Kontic AAC, Leonhardt SD, Lucas-Barbosa D, Majetic CJ, Menzel F, Parachnowitsch AL, Pasquet RS, Poelman EH, Raguso RA, Ruther J, Schiestl FP, Schmitt T, Tholl D, Unsicker SB, Verhulst N, Visser ME, Weldegergis BT Köllner TG: "Covariation and phenotypic integration in chemical communication displays: biosynthetic constraints and eco-evolutionary implications."

23.02.2017 New study accepted in BMC Evolutionary Biology by Vogelweith F, Körner M, Foitzik S and Meunier J: "Age, pathogen exposure, but not maternal care shape offspring immunity in an insect with facultative family life."
22.02.2017 New study accepted in The Science of Nature by Kohlmeier P, Negroni M, Kever M, Emmling S, Stypa H, Feldmeyer B und Foitzik S: "Intrinsic worker mortality depends on behavioural caste and the queens' presence in a social insect."
23.01.2017 Jos Kramer has successfully defended his PhD thesis! Congratulations and all the best for the future!
23.01.2017 We welcome new PhD student Miriam Wüst. Miriam will study tandem recruitment in ants.
09.12.2016 We welcome new PhD student Tianfei Peng from China, who will study the molecular basis of honeybee behaviour.
01.12.2016 We congratulate Dr. Florian Menzel to his successful Habilitation lecture!
30.11.2016 New study accepted in The ISME Journal by Segers F, Kešnerová L, Kosoy M and Engel P: "Genomic changes associated with the evolutionary transition of an insect gut commensal into a blood-borne pathogen."
01.11. 2016 New study accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society B by Kleeberg I, Menzel F & Foitzik S: "The influence of slavemaking lifestyle, caste and sex on chemical profiles in Temnothorax ants: Insights into the evolution of cuticular hydrocarbons"
28.10.2016 New study accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society B by Menzel F, Blaimer BB, Schmitt T: "How do cuticular hydrocarbons evolve? Physiological and climatic constraints on a complex functional trait in insects"
27.10.2016 New study accepted in Nature Communications by Grüter C, Segers F, Menezes C, Vollet-Neto A, Falcon T, von Zuben L, Bitondi, M, Nascimento F and Almeida E: "Repeated evolution of soldier sub-castes suggests parasitism drives social complexity in stingless bees."
29.9.2016 New study accepted in Oecologia by Salas-Lopez A, Houadria M, Menzel F, Orivel J: "Ant-mediated ecosystem processes are driven by trophic community structure but mainly by the environment."
 24.08.2016 New study accepted in Evolution by Menzel F, Radke R and Foitzik S: "Odor diversity decreases with inbreeding in the ant Hypoponera opacior."
 16.08.2016 New study accepted in Apidologie by Sauthier R, I'Anson Price R and Grüter C: "Worker size in honeybees and its relationship with season and foraging distance."
 31.07.2016 BBC Earth writes article about recent work from our department on soldier bees in Brazil
 25.07.2016 New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology by Körner M, Diehl JMC and Meunier J: "Growing up with feces: benefits of allo-coprophagy in families of the European earwig."
Check out the story in The New Scientist and the article in the Discover magazine!
 18.07.2016 New study accepted in Oecologia by Ratz T, Kramer J, Veuille M and Meunier J: "The population determines whether and how life-history traits vary between reproductive events in an insect with maternal care."
 13.07.2016 New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology by I'Anson Price R, Grüter C, Hughes WOH und Evison SEF: "Symmetry breaking in mass-recruiting ants: extent of foraging biases depends on resource quality."
 15.06.2016 New study accepted in the International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation by Edenhofer S, Tomforde S, Fischer D, Hähner J, Menzel F, von Mammen S: "Decentralised trust-management inspired by ant pheromones."
 15.06.2016 New study accepted in Chemoecology by Binz H, Kraft E, Entling M und Menzel F: "Behavioral response of a generalist predator to chemotactile cues of two taxonomically distinct prey species."
 13.06.2016 New study accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Kohlmeier P, Holländer K and Meunier J: "Survival after pathogen exposure in group-living insects: don't forget the stress of social isolation!"
 08.06.2016 New study accepted in Oikos by Wüst M and Menzel F: "I smell where you walked - how chemical cues influence movement decisions in ants."
 25.05.2016 New study accepted in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Metzler D, Jordan F, Pamminger T and Foitzik S: "The influence of space and time on the evolution of altruistic defense: the case of ant slave rebellion."