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22.09.2015 New study accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences by Thesing J, Kramer J, Koch LK and Meunier J. "Short-term benefits, but transgenerational costs of maternal loss in an insect with facultative maternal care".
18.09.2015 New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology by Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The placid slavemaker: avoiding detection and conflict as an alternative, peaceful raiding strategy".
24.08.2015 New study accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Jongepier E, Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The ecological success of a social parasite increases with manipulation of collective host behaviour"
24.08.2015 New study accepted in Behavioural Ecology by Jongepier E and Foitzik S. "Ant recognition cue diversity is higher in the presence of slavemaker ants."
17.07.2015 New study accepted in Ecology by Houadria M, Blüthgen N, Salas-Lopez A, Schmitt MI, Arndt J, Schneider E, Orivel J and Menzel F. "The relation between circadian asynchrony, functional redundancy and trophic performance in tropical ant communities"
23.03.2015 New study accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Biology by Kramer J, Thesing J and Meunier J. "Negative association between parental care and sibling cooperation in earwigs: a new perspective on the early evolution of family life?"
26.02.2015 New study accepted in Journal of Insect Physiology by Kohlmeier P, Dreyer H and Meunier J. "PO-CALC: A novel tool to correct common inconsistencies in the measurement of phenoloxidase activities."
24.02.2015 New study accepted in BMC Evolutionary Biology by Diehl J, Körner M, Pietch M and Meunier J. "Feces production as a form of social immunity in an insect with facultative maternal care"
22.02.2015 New study accepted in Ethology by Kleeberg I, Jongepier E, Job S and Foitzik S. "Geographic variation in social parasite pressure predicts intra- but not interspecific aggressive responses in hosts of a slavemaking ant"
18.02.2015 New study accepted in Nature Communications by Kölliker M, Boos S, Wong JWY, Röllin L, Stucki D, Raveh S, Wu M and Meunier J. "Parent-offspring conflict and the genetic trade-offs shaping parental investment".

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