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13.01.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiers im Oecologia vom Bucher R, Menzel F, Entling MH. "Risk of spider predation alters food web structure and reduces local herbivory in the field"
22.12.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Molecular Ecology von Patel T, Schell T, Eifert C, Feldmeyer B and Pfenninger M. "Characterising a Hybrid Zone between a Cryptic Species Pair of Freshwater Snails".
02.12.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B von Meunier J. "Social immunity and the evolution of group living in insects".
16.10.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecological Entomology von Sandrin L, Meunier J, Raveh S, Walser JC & Kölliker M. "Multiple paternity and mating group size in the European earwig, Forficula auricularia".
26.09.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Biotropica von Houadria M*, Salas-Lopez A*, Orivel J, Blüthgen N & Menzel F. "Dietary and temporal niche differentiation in tropical ants - can they explain local ant coexistence?" *equal contribution to the work
28.09.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Evolutionary Biology von Pamminger T, Foitzik S, Metzler D & Pennings PS. "Oh sister, where art thou? Spatial population structure and the evolution of an altruistic defence traits."
22.07.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceeding of the Royal Society B  von Wong J, Meunier J, Lucas C & Kölliker M. "Paternal signature in kin recognition cues of a social insect: Concealed in juveniles, revealed in adults".
Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceeding of the Royal Society B von Jongepier E, Kleeberg I, Job S & Foitzik S. "Collective defense portfolios of ant hosts shift with social parasite pressure".
04.06.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im BMC Evolutionary Biology von Koch LK & Meunier J. "Mother and offspring fitness in an insect with maternal care: phenotypic trade-offs between egg number, egg mass and egg care".
16.05.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Animal Behaviour von Binz H, Foitzik S, Staab F & Menzel F. "The chemistry of competition: Exploitation of heterospecific cues depends on the dominance rank in the community".


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