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 25.07.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Behavioral Ecology von Körner M, Diehl JMC and Meunier J: "Growing up with feces: benefits of allo-coprophagy in families of the European earwig."
 18.07.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Oecologia von Ratz T, Kramer J, Veuille M and Meunier J: "The population determines whether and how life-history traits vary between reproductive events in an insect with maternal care."
 13.07.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology von I'Anson Price R, Grüter C, Hughes WOH und Evison SEF: "Symmetry breaking in mass-recruiting ants: extent of foraging biases depends on resource quality."
 15.06.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation von Edenhofer S, Tomforde S, Fischer D, Hähner J, Menzel F, von Mammen S: "Decentralised trust-management inspired by ant pheromones."
 15.06.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Chemoecology von Binz H, Kraft E, Entling M und Menzel F: "Behavioral response of a generalist predator to chemotactile cues of two taxonomically distinct prey species."
 13.06.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Journal of Evolutionary Biology von Kohlmeier P, Holländer K and Meunier J. Survival after pathogen exposure in group-living insects: don't forget the stress of social isolation!"
 08.06.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Oikos von Wüst M and Menzel F: "I smell where you walked - how chemical cues influence movement decisions in ants."
 25.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Journal of Evolutionary Biology von Metzler M, Jordan F, Pamminger T und Foitzik S: "The influence of space and time on the evolution of altruistic defense: the case of ant slave rebellion."
 25.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Current Opinion in Insect Science von Negroni M, Jongepier E, Feldmeyer B, Kramer BH und Foitzik S: "Life history evolution in social insects: a female perspective."
 9.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Acta Oecologica von Ellwood MDFE, Blüthgen N, Fayle TM, Foster WA und Menzel F: "Competition can lead to unexpected patterns in tropical ant communities."
 01.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Behavioral Ecology von Pasquier G and Grüter C: "Individual learning and exploration are linked to colony foraging success in a mass-recruiting ant."
 01.04.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Insectes Sociaux von Grüter C, von Zuben L, Segers FHID, Cunningham P: "Warfare in stingless bees."

Neue Studie akzeptiert in Cell von Leonhardt, S.D.*, Menzel, F.*, Nehring, V.* und Schmitt, T.: "Ecology and evolution of communication in social insects" (*all three authors contributed equally).

24.11.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Jongepier E and Foitzik S. "Fitness Costs of Worker Specialisation for Ant Societies".
21.11.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Molecular Ecology vom Feldmeyer B, Mazur J, Beros S, Lerp H, Binder H and Foitzik S. "Gene expression patterns underlying parasite-induced alterations in host behaviour and life history"
19.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Beros S, Jongepier E, Hagemeier F and Foitzik S. "The parasite’s long arm: A tapeworm parasite induces behavioural changes in uninfected group members of its social host"
13.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution vom I'Anson Price R and Grüter C. "Why, when and where did honey bee dance communication evolve?"
13.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioral Ecology vom Kramer J and Meunier J. "Maternal condition determines offspring behavior towards family members in the European earwig".
22.09.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Thesing J, Kramer J, Koch LK and Meunier J. "Short-term benefits, but transgenerational costs of maternal loss in an insect with facultative maternal care".
18.09.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology vom Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The placid slavemaker: avoiding detection and conflict as an alternative, peaceful raiding strategy".
24.08.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Evolutionary Biology vom Jongepier E, Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The ecological success of a social parasite increases with manipulation of collective host behaviour"
24.08.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioural Ecology vom Jongepier E and Foitzik S. "Ant recognition cue diversity is higher in the presence of slavemaker ants."
17.07.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecology vom Houadria M, Blüthgen N, Salas-Lopez A, Schmitt MI, Arndt J, Schneider E, Orivel J and Menzel F. "The relation between circadian asynchrony, functional redundancy and trophic performance in tropical ant communities"


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