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 25.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Journal of Evolutionary Biology von Metzler M, Jordan F, Pamminger T und Foitzik S: "The influence of space and time on the evolution of altruistic defense: the case of ant slave rebellion."
 25.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Current Opinion in Insect Science von Negroni M, Jongepier E, Feldmeyer B, Kramer BH und Foitzik S: "Life history evolution in social insects: a female perspective."
 9.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Acta Oecologica von Ellwood MDFE, Blüthgen N, Fayle TM, Foster WA und Menzel F: "Competition can lead to unexpected patterns in tropical ant communities."
 01.05.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Behavioral Ecology von Pasquier G and Grüter C: "Individual learning and exploration are linked to colony foraging success in a mass-recruiting ant."
 01.04.2016 Neue Studie akzeptiert in Insectes Sociaux von Grüter C, von Zuben L, Segers FHID, Cunningham P: "Warfare in stingless bees."

Neue Studie akzeptiert in Cell von Leonhardt, S.D.*, Menzel, F.*, Nehring, V.* und Schmitt, T.: "Ecology and evolution of communication in social insects" (*all three authors contributed equally).

24.11.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Jongepier E and Foitzik S. "Fitness Costs of Worker Specialisation for Ant Societies".
21.11.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Molecular Ecology vom Feldmeyer B, Mazur J, Beros S, Lerp H, Binder H and Foitzik S. "Gene expression patterns underlying parasite-induced alterations in host behaviour and life history"
19.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Beros S, Jongepier E, Hagemeier F and Foitzik S. "The parasite’s long arm: A tapeworm parasite induces behavioural changes in uninfected group members of its social host"
13.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution vom I'Anson Price R and Grüter C. "Why, when and where did honey bee dance communication evolve?"
13.10.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioral Ecology vom Kramer J and Meunier J. "Maternal condition determines offspring behavior towards family members in the European earwig".
22.09.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences vom Thesing J, Kramer J, Koch LK and Meunier J. "Short-term benefits, but transgenerational costs of maternal loss in an insect with facultative maternal care".
18.09.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology vom Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The placid slavemaker: avoiding detection and conflict as an alternative, peaceful raiding strategy".
24.08.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Evolutionary Biology vom Jongepier E, Kleeberg I and Foitzik S. "The ecological success of a social parasite increases with manipulation of collective host behaviour"
24.08.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioural Ecology vom Jongepier E and Foitzik S. "Ant recognition cue diversity is higher in the presence of slavemaker ants."
17.07.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecology vom Houadria M, Blüthgen N, Salas-Lopez A, Schmitt MI, Arndt J, Schneider E, Orivel J and Menzel F. "The relation between circadian asynchrony, functional redundancy and trophic performance in tropical ant communities"


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