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17.07.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecology vom Houadria M, Blüthgen N, Salas-Lopez A, Schmitt MI, Arndt J, Schneider E, Orivel J and Menzel F. "The relation between circadian asynchrony, functional redundancy and trophic performance in tropical ant communities"
23.03.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Evolutionary Biology vom Kramer J, Thesing J and Meunier J. "Negative association between parental care and sibling cooperation in earwigs: a new perspective on the early evolution of family life?"
26.02.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Insect Physiology vom Kohlmeier P, Dreyer H and Meunier J. "PO-CALC: A novel tool to correct common inconsistencies in the measurement of phenoloxidase activities."
24.02.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im BMC Evolutionary Biology vom Diehl J, Körner M, Pietch M and Meunier J. "Feces production as a form of social immunity in an insect with facultative maternal care"
22.02.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ethology vom Kleeberg I, Jongepier E, Job S and Foitzik S. "Geographic variation in social parasite pressure predicts intra- but not interspecific aggressive responses in hosts of a slavemaking ant"
18.02.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Nature Communications vom Kölliker M, Boos S, Wong JWY, Röllin L, Stucki D, Raveh S, Wu M and Meunier J. "Parent-offspring conflict and the genetic trade-offs shaping parental investment".
13.01.2015 Neue Studie akzeptiers im Oecologia vom Bucher R, Menzel F and Entling MH. "Risk of spider predation alters food web structure and reduces local herbivory in the field"
22.12.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Molecular Ecology von Patel T, Schell T, Eifert C, Feldmeyer B and Pfenninger M. "Characterising a Hybrid Zone between a Cryptic Species Pair of Freshwater Snails".
02.12.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society B von Meunier J. "Social immunity and the evolution of group living in insects".
16.10.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecological Entomology von Sandrin L, Meunier J, Raveh S, Walser JC and Kölliker M. "Multiple paternity and mating group size in the European earwig, Forficula auricularia".


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