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16.10.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ecological Entomology von Sandrin L, Meunier J, Raveh S, Walser JC & Kölliker M. "Multiple paternity and mating group size in the European earwig, Forficula auricularia".
26.09.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Biotropica von Houadria M*, Salas-Lopez A*, Orivel J, Blüthgen N & Menzel F. "Dietary and temporal niche differentiation in tropical ants - can they explain local ant coexistence?" *equal contribution to the work
28.09.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Journal of Evolutionary Biology von Pamminger T, Foitzik S, Metzler D & Pennings PS. "Oh sister, where art thou? Spatial population structure and the evolution of an altruistic defence traits."
22.07.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceeding of the Royal Society B  von Wong J, Meunier J, Lucas C & Kölliker M. "Paternal signature in kin recognition cues of a social insect: Concealed in juveniles, revealed in adults".
Neue Studie akzeptiert im Proceeding of the Royal Society B von Jongepier E, Kleeberg I, Job S & Foitzik S. "Collective defense portfolios of ant hosts shift with social parasite pressure".
04.06.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im BMC Evolutionary Biology von Koch LK & Meunier J. "Mother and offspring fitness in an insect with maternal care: phenotypic trade-offs between egg number, egg mass and egg care".
16.05.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Animal Behaviour von Binz H, Foitzik S, Staab F & Menzel F. "The chemistry of competition: Exploitation of heterospecific cues depends on the dominance rank in the community".
05.05.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Ethology von Weiss C, Kramer J, Holländer K & Meunier J. "Influences of relatedness, food deprivation and sex on adult behaviors in the group-living insect Forficula auricularia".
26.03.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Behavioral Ecology von Kleeberg I, Pamminger T, Jongepier E, Papenhagen M & Foitzik S. "Forewarned is forearmed: Aggression and information use determine fitness costs of slave raids"
18.03.2014 Neue Studie akzeptiert im Current Zoology von Kühbandner S, Modlmeier A & Foitzik S "Age and ovarian development are related to worker personality and task allocation in the ant Leptothorax acervorum".


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